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Moorland Forensics – A Gathering of Angels


December 1971 – The dark days of the short but brutal Indian-Pakistan War.

An East Bengali village, near the front lines; a young Pakistani girl hurrying home from a shopping errand witnesses her family home destroyed, her parents killed in an indiscriminate rocket attack by Pakistan fighter bombers.

In 1997 the body of a teenage schoolboy is dragged from the River Dart in South Devon. Several years later both dramatic events will have dire consequences for celebrated author Miles Betteridge and respected pathologist Margo Betteridge.

Whilst the Devon CID buckle under the onslaught of a series of vicious and cleverly planned rapes and murders paralysing the South West, the team at Moorland Forensic Consultants struggle to cope with a new team member. Working in conjunction with DCI Will Parker things reach a thrilling climax and finally the truth behind events long ago on the Subcontinent come to light.

Doctor James Sinclair and sibling forensic psychologist Katie battle to hold the business together amidst devastating professional and personal upheaval.

A Gathering of Angels – Out October 13, 2023.


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